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RENZO LUZI | A pioneer of ice climbing

This week we introduce another Kayland ambassador, Renzo Luzi, born in 1955, a mountain guide and mountaineering teacher who lives in Val Susa.

He began his adventure in the world of mountaineering in 1976, alternating rock climbing and mountain climbing, starting from the great classics on Gran Paradiso, Matterhorn, Monte Rosa and Monviso.

In 1979 he was among the first to climb ice falls, until then a category unknown in the mountaineering world, with the technique of piolet-traction. At the same time, he began to climb with the great names of Piedmontese mountaineering..

In 1980 he made great climbs around the Alps and also faced the severe gully in Scotland. In September 1980 he moved to Mont Blanc, closing the first climb to the waterfall at the top of the Grand Couloir of Freney, one of the wildest and most severe areas of the entire massif.

In August 1981 he returned again to Mont Blanc, on Mont Moudìt, to carry out the first ascent to the South-East block of the South Spur.

In 1984 the training process for the acquisition of the Alpine Guide license ends, and so he begins his professional activity.

The 1985 is the year of the consecration of his activity as a mountaineer, realizing an absolute first of great level again on the Mont Blanc, but this time in the more North-western part, to the Grandes Jorasses, with the first ascent to the direct South-East of the Walker spike.

In February 1986 he was among the first three Italians to climb the legendary Norwegian waterfalls.

In 1999 he acquired the specialization of canyoning guide, also in this sector he carries out activities as a guide accompanying clients in torrents of Val di Susa and France.

He takes part in securing high-altitude cultural events, including the climb to the Fenestrelle Fortress of Manolo in 2008, and much more.

In 2005 he obtained the title of lecturer in the technical training of temporary workers at high altitudes and with the use of ropes. The fact of coming from the mountaineering environment allows him to provide skills and a technical attitude that is particularly tested in terms of safety. Specialized in various "artisan" skills, he  carried out in this decade many works for public and private clients (Mole Antonelliana, Turin Cathedral, Torre Littoria, Palazzo Madama, numerous churches, private buildings, etc.) which makes Renzo a reference professional for the sector.

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