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Resoling | A new life for your boots

How many times, during our experience of trekkers and mountain users, we found a pair of really comfortable, efficient boots, with excellent performances and we had to leave them because they reached the end of their life, almost always with the sole worn or almost non-existent?

In recent years, giving new life to these boots that can still serve for a long time has become more and more possible, thanks to the birth of numerous services for the resoling of mountain shoes. Not only are our favorite boots picked up and had thier sole changed, but they are subjected to various other treatments that increase their durability and therefore performance over time. The leathers are reconditioned, first cleaning the surface carefully and then treating it with specific products such as grease and water repellent spray; the laces are replaced and possibly some perimeter stitching is reinforced.

The real intervention, however, is done on the support platform: the outsole, worn out by time, and also the midsole, are completely removed, a procedure that is performed manually by expert operators. Then the insole is removed, if present, and a brand new one is inserted: the sole can therefore be perfectly anchored to this new support. Finally, this procedure gets to the assembly of the new sole block, which follows the typical steps of the type of shoe and sole to be mounted: for example, if it concerns a shoe with Norwegian welted construction, the sole is first glued and then stitched throughout the edge with two different rows of points. 

An intervention that may seem expensive (but it is never like buying a new pair of boots) but that has benefits in terms of comfort, performance and, why not, even emotions, in seeing your companions of hiking and climbing revive for a time still long, full of challenges.




Hi - I have a pair of Kayland walking boots where the sole is coming loose and needs replacing. Is this a service you offer. Many thanks Howard


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