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RIFUGIO TOESCA | In the heaven of Orsiera, few kilometer from Turin

In the middle of the Orsiera-Rocciavrè Natural Park, there is a beautiful hut, home of the Union of Turin excursionists (UET), sub-section of the CAI of Turin, which takes the name of Toesca, originally dedicated to the fallen son of one of the founders, although locally it is also known as the refuge of the Balmetta, because of the grange (small shelters for the pasture and the preservation of grain and seeds) that are on the way to reach it. It is a structure that was built for the first time in 1929 and that, over the years, has undergone several changes and extensions until it reached the current dislocation.

To arrive at the hut, there are several routes that start from the Val di Susa and allow the ascent up to 1710 meters of the Pian del Roc, where stands precisely the refuge. The main summer route includes parking at the town of Cortavetto, ascension along the path n. 513 and then, after the Amprimo refuge, n. 510 that passes first for the pasture of the lower Balmetta, then crosses a rock that then opens onto a grassy shelf and then, after a few bends, you get to the shelter. The same road can also be traveled in winter using skis with skins, or snowshoes.

From this place there are many itineraries of different levels, both summer and winter, that cross and pass through some famous peaks of the natural park. One of the most exciting is certainly the tour of the Orsiera, a 6-day hiking itinerary that touches the 5 refuges of the area, for a total of about 55 kilometers of walking.

But the Toesca shelter offers much more besides trekking and effort: among the various offers, to mention the tasting of mountain pasture ice cream, rigorously homemade with natural ingredients and complemented by artisanal meringue, and it also stands out for having achieved the Ecolabel, a prestigious acknowledgement that certifies the eco-sustainable management, with an eye to the environment implemented at every level in the structure.

Thanks to the common desire to promote and spread the culture of hiking focused on eco-sustainability and enhancement of the territory, Kayland has recently started a partnership with the Toesca hut, with the show of the brand logo on the refuge and outdoor spaces, and the supply of shoes for the staff, led by Marco Ghibaudo, with the fantastic Gravity GTX, one of the cornerstones of the collection, a model that has thrilled the guys at the hut and that will allow them to face the summer season in an optimal way.

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