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RIFUGIO VENEZIA | At the slopes of Pelmo

We continue our tour of the most famous mountain refuges in the Alps with a very well-known structure in the Dolomites, located just below the slopes of Mount Pelmo, one of the most scenic and easily recognizable peaks with the typical "caregon" shape (high chair).

The Venezia hut is located in this area, at 1947 meters above sea level, and stands right at a crossroads of important alpine paths, Altavia n. 1 (one of the most frequented) and n. 3. Historically, this was the first refuge built on Italian soil in the Dolomites, by the section of the CAI of Venice, wanted in these places because, during the golden age of the Serenissima, Mount Pelmo served as a reference point, as direction, for ships heading towards the port of Venice. During the Second World War it was destroyed by the Germans when they discovered that the partisans used it as shelter; after the end of the war operations, it was restored and reopened in 1954.

A privileged starting point for excursions and climbs on the Pelmo, the Venezia hut has over sixty beds; it is only open during the summer, whilst during the winter it is possible to use it as a bivouac but only 10 beds are available. To reach the Venezia, there are two optimal starting points: one in Val di Zoldo, passing through Zoppè di Cadore and arriving from the southwest with a long but simple walk, almost all on a mule track. The other is from Borca di Cadore via Malga Ciauta, shorter but that certainly requires a greater effort.

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