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SAFETY FOR TREKKING | The instruments and accessories

Even a simple hike, at medium altitudes, can highlight risks for the mountain and outdoor enthusiast, who do not always grasp it ready to react in an appropriate way. Proper equipment, declined according to the activity that will be done on the mountain routes, becomes a cornerstone for our safety and our companions of excursion or expedition, throughout the activity.

First of all, let's consider the basic equipment, of course, what we will wear during the activity: it is necessary to have an appropriate apparel to face weather and terrain conditions, with accessories ready to deal with any unexpected events (the classic poncho); moreover, the choice of the correct footwear is fundamental, based on the route and general conditions, key to increase the safety of our excursion. If we think to cover particularly exposed stretches or on rocky walls, we must bring with us the helmet, always to wear during the via ferrata, and the gloves to put the hands in a safe and precise way.

We can also bring with us in the backpack, to face adversities and inconveniences, ropes and karabiners, harnesses, ice axes and poles. From the technological point of view, while in summer it is sufficient to have a GPS charged and a phone with a charged battery and normally also a power bank to charge these devices, in case of prolonged forced stops, in winter we must also think about exceptional events like avalanches. For this reason, when we face the mountain during the snow-making period, we must have the Artva, the position marker that allows rescuers to identify our position even in depth to minimize tracking and recovery times in the snow. Finally, remember to include in our backpack also the shovel and the probe, in order to start the rescue operations ourselves in case of people buried under the snow.

A complete set of accessories may seem complex and expensive, but it is what allows us a safer journey and that sometimes saves our lives.

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