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SCALIAMOCI | A meeting of life climbers

On Thursday 11 October, at the Aula Magna of the Episcopal Seminary of Mantua, the meeting "Scaliamoci" will take place, an event of storytelling and sharing, which will also see our ambassador Claudio Migliorini among the other speakers. What are the goals of this evening?

Scaliamoci is an encounter that uses the metaphor of climbing to convey the concept that dignity, courage, energy and the desire to share, are qualities present and vivid in each of us, but above all can be fundamental virtues, great tools for achieving the goal of a life that is the best possible. Face the unknown, appreciate personal achievements, but above all being a united team.

To testify the contents of these symbolic statements, on the stage will alternate, one linked to the other, mountaineers and people in close contact with neurodegenerative diseases. In this case, obviously, the climb is a metaphor. The idea is therefore to use words, stories, sensations and emotions, linked to the world of alpinism and to extend the meaning, to make clearer the concepts expressed by the people who live facing the difficulties of the disease with courage and energy. To undermine the concept of pietism and replace it with that of respect. Sowing availability and understanding. To make clear to understand, to enforce, if possible to love these people proudly struggling for a dignified life. This is the intent of the event, to achieve it there will be cross-testimonies, supported by images of mountaineering but above all life. In the background of the images, the notes of a classical guitar will be an accessory help in moments of reflection or emphasis.

Organized by the Scaliamoci working group, in collaboration with CAI Mantova, CAI Bozzolo, AISM, AISLA, Signora Parkinson Onlus, Alice Onlus, Cooperativa La Stazione, Marco S no SLA Onlus and under the patronage of ASST Mantua and the Municipality of Mantua.

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