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SEB BOUIN | Lily’s Eye with a special partner: his mother

Kayland ambassador Sébastien Bouin is one of the world’s strongest climbers and chose a special climbing partner for a special quest. 
On a recent first ascent expedition to Turkey, Seb traveled with his mother to establish a new route in a recently discovered limestone cave.
The name of the line “Lily’s Eye” is a tribute to his grandmother, and here are Seb’s words about this great adventure.

Photo credits: ©Sam BIÉ

This line is incredible because of many things. It’s a mega overhanging tufa line of 80 meters, it seems to be the perfect line. There are three parts inside the route. First one is not so overhanging (this means not a roof :DDD) with a beautiful blue tufa climbing. Then comes the overhanging part with mega tufa in the roof. And to finish there is the harder part with beautiful overhanging wall with small pinches.

The grade, for this route, is not so obvious, it will probably be around the 8c+ - 5.14cThere is super good vibes here in Datça to bolt the new “Cyclop” secteur. 

I heard about this place and this cave a few months before going there.  When I had a look at the pictures, I immediately wanted to go there to bolt the line in the middle. I was searching for a Mega Line to bolt, something big, something huge. And this line was perfect. I did this travel with a good partner: my motherShe is always motivated to travel for new expeditions. It was the first bolting travel for her. She is a novice bolter. And it was fun to teach her how to do during the process.

Sébastien Bouin uses Kayland Gravity GTX

I bolted the top of the route and the middle, she bolted the lower part. 
It was quite a mission to start bolting this piece. We spent (together with Adrien Boulon, French bolter) several hours to reach the top of the crag. There were a lot of trees and no path. We had a lot of gear in our backpack, it was very heavy. When we finally reached the top and hung the rope to start bolting, I realized that I had forgotten the drill machine… Suicide looked like the best option haha. I had to go down and up, to finally start bolting at the dusk… 

My mother is someone special. It's super fun to see her climbing. She never knows where to go, I have to guide her. Yet she is never tired, so she never falls! You will never be bored with her! Relationship between son and mother is something unique in climbing and in general. It can be hard at times, but can also be amazing. That makes a special combination for a spicy trip.

During this trip, we didn’t take a proper rest day. The rest days of climbing were the bolting days, and the rest days of bolting were the climbing days! We finished the trip totally destroyed, but super happy.

The three video episodes “Lily's Eye” of our travel in Turkey are available here:

Video credits: Black Diamond, Bartas Productions

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