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SEBASTIEN BOUIN | Young and determined

After our news about some of his latest ventures, let's get to know our ambassador Seb Bouin, a young French climber who is already a big name in the climbing panorama.

Always fascinated by the most arduous companies, Seb is a climbing guide and instructor, as well as sport teacher in high school. His philosophy of life is very simple: every day spent on the rock is a dream to live, there are no limits and failure is part of the success, as Nelson Mandela said "I never lose, either I win or I learn".

That's why, still very young, Seb is already in the Olympus of world climbers, with more than thirty ascents on grade 9 routes, the maximum possible at the moment, some of which were opened by himself, with great satisfaction. Obviously on the horizon there are many important projects: in 2019 Seb plans to repeat one of the most difficult climbing routes in the world, at Flatanger in Norway, only once resolved by Adam Ondra. Then, he wants to move to Spain to retrace a mythical route by Chris Sharma in Pachamama, and finally try to bolt and solve the longest grade 9 route in the world, in Turkey.

Of course he will also continue his Vintage Rock Tour, an event that aims to retrace all the historic French routes, from 7 to 9 grade, with the creation of a report that highlights the many differences between the techniques and equipment of the past and modern ones. In short, a very intense year for our Seb, to whom we wish to achieve all the prestigious goals on the table.

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