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SETTING UP AN EXPEDITION | Taking care of any detail

In the past, too often, in the chronicles of the mountain, there was place for news of expeditions that turned into tragedies, mainly due to lack of reaction to the unexpected, due to scarcity or inadequacy of equipment and even a lack of scruple on the part of the team members or guides. More and more attention is therefore placed in the preparation of an expedition, in the sharing of the fundamental information for the team and in the verification of all the equipment necessary for the achievement of the prefixed objective.

A first important aspect concerns the choice of the route to be followed, the staging points (or camps) and any alternative routes, which the environmental and terrain situations could force to follow. Proper planning of all possible "escape routes" from the dangers inherent in each itinerary increases the general sense of security in the team. Then, it is necessary to be aware of all the climatic details of the area, carefully checking the weather forecast and communicating the ideal windows for walking, climbing and every other phase, even delicate, of the expedition. A correct approach with the weather also includes the consultation of instruments along the way, to anticipate sudden changes in the weather and react accordingly.

Finally, the most important is having a correct physical preparation and the equipment. It is not safe to proceed in the expedition with the presence of poorly prepared team members or in unsuitable physical conditions; these can jeopardize the success of the mission only with the slowness or the lack of adaptation to more difficult situations than those estimated. The equipment must be complete and follow the instructions of the guide or head of the team to the letter, with tools such as GPS, satellite locator, satellite phone, harnesses, ropes, carabiners, helmet, clothing suitable for weather conditions, ice axes, gloves and, of course, boots suitable for the route to be done.

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