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Suede leather | Kayland suggestions for a correct care and maintenance

Suede leather is an animal-derived leather, normally either of sheep or cow origin, that is divided from the most precious part in surface (the so called top grain) and therefore tanned, dyed and worked with a grinder on the meat side. With this last procedure, suede acquires the tactile and visual aspect that resembles velvet.
But how come suede leather is not called velvet leather? Actually, the French call it “velours” and also the real origin of the term “suede” is from a French word, the “gants de Suède” (literally the gloves from Sweden), because at first this kind of leather was used to manufacture women gloves. Nowadays, suede leather is commonly used to produce jackets, shirts, shoes, bags and furnishing accessories.
The advantages of this leather are the velvety aspect and the soft and warm feeling, ideal for clothes, elegant and sporty shoes, refined bags and also couches. The side effect is that the leather is extremely delicate and needs periodical treatments to preserve its features. So when it comes to a suede leather shoes, as in many styles of Kayland collection, it is important to know that the leathers should be given the proper care and maintenance, once in a while, to avoid early aging or breaks without recovering chances.
Here there is a correct procedure to care suede leather,which Kayland uses on its leathers and recommends to their customers:
- If there is dirt on the surface, it is preferable to brush it from the leather dry.
- If the leather is really dirty, it is better to use a humid brush.
- Do not use degrease products and nitro-based thinners.
- Suede leather has a hydro repellent treatment, which normally does not need any reprocessing. In case of using a waterproofing product on the surface of the leather, we recommend to use only water silicon based products. Any other kind could seriously damage the hydro repellent treatment.
- It is highly advised not to use oily or greasy products on the surface.
- It is highly advised not to use the leather in places with acid agents (e.g. acids in general or lime) because it can compromise the hydro repellent treatment of leathers.
- In case of wet leather, we recommend to let the shoes dry slowly at room temperature, avoiding direct exposure to heating sources like stoves, fireplaces, radiators or fires in general.
With these easy shrewdnesses, we will be able to extend life cycle of our Kayland shoes, even with a intense and frequent use, keeping at the same time performance, comfort and perfect wrapping features as out of the box.

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