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SYNTHETIC LEATHER AND FABRICS MAINTENANCE | Tips to extend the life of footwear

Some of Kayland products use synthetic leather inserts or panels, a very resistant, elastic and easily washable material that can be treated with care over time and retain its characteristics.

It is not recommended to use a waterproofing product, such as spray or wax, since the surface of the synthetic leather is not porous and therefore does not absorb the product. Also, shoe polish can not be used, in fact it forms a sticky surface layer that will not be absorbed by the synthetic material. Therefore, for a correct cleaning of synthetic leather, Kayland recommends using a light, non-aggressive foam, to be removed carefully after application by washing and drying.

Another material that constitutes a fundamental part of footwear is the fabric, made with the intertwining of yarns of natural or synthetic derivation, extremely resistant and with varied textures. For example, it can be woven together very thick (canvas) or lighter to look like a mesh. In weaving, often these yarns are combined with other materials.

The fabric in footwear is particularly sensitive to water and dirt, for this reason it needs more specific treatments. The major part of dirt must be removed with a medium brush, before the footwear is cleaned using a foaming product, preferably biodegradable.

For the most stubborn dirt, which could remain on the shoes even after the initial cleaning, the process must be repeated. In order to preserve elastic properties and increase durability for a longer time, Kayland recommends treating fabrics with a waterproofing product, to prevent dirt from penetrating into the fibers of the fabric and affecting the weave.

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