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TEOFIL VLAD | The man who challenges ice

The Romanian mountaineer Teofil Vlad, an ambassador for Kayland, seems to love all types of mountain sports, including sport climbing, ice climbing and high-altitude expeditions.
He is also a mountaineering instructor and a volunteer mountain rescuer, but there is one thing that attracts him more than any other: opening up new routes in the highest mountains in the world, above 6000 m.

Teofil Vlad has been awarded 3 times as the Sports person of the Year in Romania for his achievements:
● in 2010 for the expedition to Mount McKinley (now called Denali) in Alaska, 6190 m;
● in 2013 for the difficult ascent to Nanga Parbat, Himalayas, 8126 m, with a team of 5 mountaineers;
● in 2018 for opening up a new route on Mount Pumori, Nepal, 7161 m.

His account of his achievement on Mount Pumori excited us, through his own words we experienced the steps in ice climbing and the thrill of discovery.
A more detailed description of the expedition can obviously be found on all the main mountaineering websites, including Planet MountainDesnivel  and Up-climbing to name but a few, and a long interview with radio RFI Romania.

Watch the video about his achievement on Mount Pumori: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dzlr0MgaSyc&feature=youtu.be

4001, the ultra-technical boot

Teofil is also a tester for Kayland for the 4001 boot, designed for mountaineering, glacier crossing and ice climbing.
Here are some photos of the 4001 boot used recently in the Caucasus.

What are Teofil's next plans? He has given us a preview:

“As a mountain guide and climbing coach, my next plan starting next week will be Island Peak, 6189m in Nepalese Himalaya, introducing a passionate adventurer from a different field to high altitude climbing as a first step in a project aiming, as a final goal, summiting together the top of the world in the next years.

As a climber, my next goal is climbing Afanasieff route on Fitzroy in Patagonia, a 1600m demanding wall in the following winter.

Future projects include the South face of Shisha Pangma, 8047m, in Tibet and the spectacular Shivling, 6500m, in Indian Himalaya”.

Follow Teofil Vlad's adventures:

Blog: teovlad.blogspot.ro

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/teofilvlad/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TeofilVladAlpinist/

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