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TEST DAY SPORTLAND | On the Iseo lake with Kayland and MilleMonti

This year, once again the partnership between Sportland, important label of sporting goods stores, and Kayland, was strengthened through the joint organization of a test day focused on our Gravity GTX model, in collaboration with MilleMonti, a group of outdoor enthusiasts who prepares and accompanies people in hiking in the mountains and beyond.

Sportland is a long-time partner for Kayland: a chain of shops with 16 stores in Lombardy, with the mission of being sport people for sport enthusiasts, and therefore provide a high quality personalized service, especially knowing how to advise and give precise information about products to consumers. An example of a particularly successful focus, especially in the field of technical outdoor experience, which can be perfectly adapted to this philosophy.

MilleMonti instead offers its own service to organize and accompany the fans on tour and outdoor experiences, to say it in their own words, on a human scale, then to the discovery of fascinating places and people all over the world, from their own land of origin to the most remote places on Earth. Together with the classic excursionism, you can practice with them a multitude of other activities in full respect of nature, such as snowshoeing, mountain biking, cycling, nordic walking and of course healthy food and wine tourism. All framed in a policy of ecosustainability that is extremely important in times of maximum attention to environmental issues.

So, last April 9th, a group of people was able to test the performance of the Gravity GTX shoe in the location chosen for the tests, Punta Almana, an enchanting viewpoint on Lake Iseo, on the border between the Bergamo and Brescian pre-Alps. The excursion, organized accurately by MilleMonti, was articulated on the slopes of the sheer cliffs over the lake, to culminate with reaching the summit, with mandatory group pictures on top, and then challenge the descent, particularly technical, an ideal terrain to judge and appreciate the traction and resistance of the testing shoes, which, with versatility and lightweight, proved to be perfect for this type of use, showing that the construction and performance of Gravity do not have much to envy to more structured and heavy models. An acknowledgement of reliability and quality for Kayland brand, and a success for the Sportland initiative.

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