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The 8th edition of Bagolino Alpin Run: race, course and winners

For the first time, Marco Zanoni and Ana Nanu won the "Bagolino Alpin Run", which was held on Sunday, July 23, at Bagolino, for the 8th edition. Thanks to the wonderful day that exalted the wonders of the Alta Valle Sabbia and the mountains surrounding Bagolino, the 8th edition of the "Bagolino Alpine Run" was completed. 320 competitors (16 km) and 40 non-competitive (9 km) competitors, starts at 9 am from Pineta park.

The trail is beautiful: after a slight climb to Bagolino village, the athletes walked through the alleys of the old town, accompanied by the support of the crowd that was waiting for them. Then they went down to Romanterra to cross the first bridge and to the hermitage of San Gervasio, where they were waiting for their first refreshment before facing the short technical descent at Cochet, perfectly secured by the men of the Alpine rescue. They faced a flat stretch with a beautiful path in the woods, a short stretch uphill towards Pissisidol, descending to Mignano through woods and meadows. Another refreshment was followed before facing the long and challenging climb to the Ostu resort. To conclude the descent in the middle of chestnut woods, which brought the contestants on arrival, placed at Pineta park.

The race was won by the strong athlete Marco Zanoni in 1 hour 22 minutes and 21 seconds, ahead of Filosi Marco, Bottarelli Andrea, Danesi Davide and Bresciani Roberto. Among women the win went to Ana Nanu who cut the finish line in 1 hour 42 minutes and 17 seconds.
Behind her Maria Grazia Roberti, Bonora Lara, Illini Roberta and Vagni Monica.
The race, which also proved to be the last test of the Grand Prix race in Valle Sabbia and Alto Garda, saw the arrival of 304 athletes who faced the 16 km of the route and 2,000 meters of truly selective altitude. The event also saw the participation of 40 children at the Mini Alpin Run.

The excellent organization level achieved by the BAR is thus confirmed by the collaboration of all associations, ambulance men and women, civil protection, alpine relief, firemen and many volunteers scattered on the path.

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