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Tito Arosio | A boundless passion for mountains

We reached Tito Arosio, product tester and Kayland ambassador, to talk with him about mountains and his relationship with product development and performances.
Hi Tito, nice to meet you. We start from a really personal question: explain why mountains have always been an important presence in your life.
I’ve been going to the mountains since I was a kid, it has always been a great passion revolving around all aspects. With climbing I’ve had wonderful experiences in all continents, which allowed me to meet incredible people from all over the world and brought me to wild places, far away from tourist masses. Besides, those experiences were helpful to contribute actively on product development.
Let’s talk about your testing. What does it mean to you to help with product definition and development?
I love to reflect on products we’re wearing on the mountains, it is really important for me to ask myself questions on how some of the features could be improved and in which way they should effectively increase performances, comfort and durability of the footwear. It’s really challenging and it requires lots of attention and sensitivity.
In the last few years, you assisted to the evolution and change of Kayland collection, can you tell us something about?
I met Halinka, Kayland marketing manager, who told me about company renovation and intent to enlarge the cooperation with mountain professionals. In these years, I clearly saw their intentions come true, the company has grown, with an ability to understand and respond to market
needs in a rational and consistent way, introducing many new fascinating and innovative products.
What does it mean for Tito Arosio Kayland?
For me Kayland is essentially a tech, performing mountain footwear collection, ideal to use on every kind of use on mountain terrain, alpine travels, trekking and backpacking, mountaineering, alpine expeditions on mixed and ice, and for extreme conditions - more or less, all the activities I’m
usually challenging! Furthermore, I really appreciated the development of one of the last styles from Kayland, Gravity GTX, which is perfect, to me, for daily use on the mountains, and, why not, in a more urban environment.
Which are your next goals?
I’d love to climb again soon at Yosemite and to travel back to Himalaya, anyway these are projects that requires a huge preparation and planning, but Kayland will be on top of equipment list, no joking! Then I’m about to start a different kind of project, an academic one, with the University of Berne.

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