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TOOLS FOR VIA FERRATA | Safety at first place

The via ferrata is a particular route or ascent on mountain trails, in particularly difficult stretches with steep slopes, where there are metal structures that allow the anchor and the return of the hiker to increase safety and proceed in the way. Let's see what is the essential equipment to challenge the via ferrata without having problems and also without causing any to our ferrata mates or other hikers.

The first essential accessory is the harness, which wraps the legs with the leg loops and is fastened at the waist. Attached to it are the via ferrata set, the carabiners for the return and possibly the ropes, in the case of a roped route. The via ferrata set consists of a Y-shaped structure, composed of two lanyards (ropes) to which two carabiners are attached, which represent the two ends of the Y, and another lanyard to which the pull-out dissipator is connected, which is insured to the harness, while the two lanyards allow the anchorage to the metal safety cable that runs along the route.

When choosing the carabiners, it is essential to take into account the degree of stress that they suffer especially in the event of a fall; therefore, in addition to choosing those equipped with ring nut or safety lever, it is also necessary to carefully evaluate the load under stress so as not to incur breakages that can cause tragedies.

Another fundamental element for ferrata safety is the helmet, which in addition to protecting from any rocks and stones moved by those who precedes us, provides a better degree of protection from spikes and walls that, in the most difficult passages, can settle accidental shots.

A last, often underestimated accessory is a good pair of mountain gloves, which allows the ascent and the grip in situations of uncertainty without damaging the hands and increasing the adherence on the rock and on the metal of cables and ladders.

Naturally, it is also necessary to carefully choose the boots for this type of itinerary; an excellent product like our Vertex Mid GTX, developed specifically for via ferrata, provides the ideal characteristics for not being in difficulty along the way.

Finally, even the choice of the backpack must be carefully pondered: it is preferable to use a backpack without side or front pockets, so as to avoid possible accidental grips with the rocks and often dangerous consequences.


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