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Trip in your shoes | A new and young way to give value to territory, geography, culture and trekking

Trip in your shoes is a project born from the authentic trekking passion of Pietro Ienca, who started it to contribute actively to the diffusion of a new way to trek, focused on rediscovering of tracks and routes, walks and pilgrimages, all to ease the rise of a new era for a sustainable and informed trekking culture.
To add more value and develop his original idea, Pietro involved some of his friends and they started Trip in your shoes project, to create travel reportages, and record, through images and video, places, geography, the most spectacular spots and therefore suggest a new tourism, more keen on what really matters, and skilled.
Kayland is proudly supporting Pietro and his team, because we believe strongly in territory development and in expressing trekking and travelling activities as vehicles to promotion and rediscovery of natural pearls of Italy and, why not, of the world. Exactly what Trip in your shoes does, in Italy and outside national borders.

In addition to their excellent communication on both multimedia channels and social media, the guys have now reached also TV broadcasting: in fact, they will be in connection, each week from a different place, with TV show “Il Mondo Insieme” (the world together) hosted by Licia Colò on TV2000 channel, which is aired on every Sunday. A good chance to spread more and more their interesting point of view on a different way of making tourism and trekking.

FB: TripInYourShoes

Website: www.tripinyourshoes.it

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