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Trip In Your Shoes: every step is a discovery

The idea of ​​Trip In Your Shoes (TIYS) was born by a 21 year old Genoese boy, Pietro Ienca, who, after discovering a path that crosses Italy on foot (Sentiero Italia), decided to go a part Along with a friend Luigi Chiurchi, starting from Passo della Cisa (Apennine valley between the provinces of Parma and Massa-Carrara, ndr.) Until arriving at the Gran Sasso in Abruzzo: about 650 km traveled in 27 days.

Peter's enthusiasm from telling us about his project and his willingness to introduce a broader and younger audience to this kind of experience alternatives to more classic tourism has struck us immediately.

What is Tripinyourshoes?

It was very exciting to cross part of Italy on foot and just after the walk we thought, "Why not try to involve young people?" Since in Italy, unfortunately, this type of tourism is not much considered. Walking, apart from being a completely sustainable tourism type, is also very economical. In North Europe it is much widespread: in Germany, Sweden and Denmark there is a great interest in this kind of travel. The idea was born with the intention of enticing young people to set aside, at least for a while, destinations like Mikonos and Ibiza and to go more in the middle of the mountains close to home! (Peter says smiling, ndr).

Rediscover abandoned trails through long walks in contact with local people and nature. "Trip In Your Shoes" is the blog created by a young man of twenty years to tell his trips on foot and to promote this kind of tourism, authentic and sustainable, among other kids.

Walking is a type of tourism that changes forever the conception of "journey". The slowness of the journey allows you to appreciate things you do not even have the time to notice with another type of trip. In addition, there is something extremely profound to achieve the goals set only through the use of their own strengths.
Every step is a landscaping, cultural, but above all mental, discovery!

Pietro Ienca

"If you don't walk to get to your destination, you will not see what you want to find"

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