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VANDELLI HUT | In the circus of Sorapiss

The Rifugio Vandelli is a small pearl set on one of the most scenic mountains of the Dolomites, the Sorapiss, theater, with the nearby Mount Antelao, of violent clashes during the First World War.

The hut is one of the oldest in the whole of the Alps: its construction dates back to 1821, although the location was not the same of today, but closer to the lake. It was built by the Pfalzgau section of the Austro-German Alpine Society. Unfortunately, this first artifact was wiped out by an avalanche in 1895. Reconstructed only a year later, it was once again buried by snow. After the events of the Great War, the CAI of Venice did its utmost to ensure that a new refuge arose on the ruins of the existing one. Even this new building had no luck: a terrible fire in 1959 totally destroyed it. Then restarted its reconstruction for another time, which ended in September 1966, with the dedication to the president of the CAI of Venice, Alfonso Vandelli.

In the immediate vicinity of the refuge we find the fantastic Sorapiss lake, with its intense turquoise waters, which encloses the waters coming, by underground, from the glacier, through the great waterfall called "del Piss" from which the name of the mountain derives, Sorapiss (literaly over the Piss).

The classic route to reach the Vandelli refuge begins at the Tre Croci pass, on the road that connects Cortina d'Ampezzo with Misurina. The path n. 215 is quite simple even if in some places a little exposed, the view that you admire is truly unique, you can also see some Italian and Austrian military posts dating back to World War I: in fact, the border between the two armies was located right a few hundred meters from this place.

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