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Yawash Sar: a new challenge

Job: Alpine Guide and official Ski Instructor Trainer
Date of birth: 1965
Nationality: Italian
Favourite Kayland shoe: Super Ice Evo GTX
Specialty: alpinism, climbing

My name is Jaime Moreno and I am a great lover of the mountains. Thanks to my father I met their essence when I was 8 years old, and since then I have not stopped to climb them and love them.

What really excites me is light and fast alpinism, climbing mountains through steep routes combining snow, rock and ice. I've been doing this in Andes, Alps, Scottish Highlands, Pyrenees and Great Atlas and of course in the mountains near my place, like Gredos and Guadarrama.

Six years ago I got to make my passion my job, and since then my work as a Mountain Guide and Canyons Guide allows me practically to live in the mountains.

  • Southwest Direct Face of Pirámide Blanca (5230m), Bolivia. TD+
  • Southeast Direct Face of Pequeño Alpamayo (5370m), Bolivia. TD
  • Bonatti Route to Illimani (6300m), Bolivia. TD+
  • Enchainment of Green Gully, Comb Gully and Point Five Gully in a long single day in Ben Nevis, Scotland.
Also routes up to grade 5 ice climbing, 6c in sport climbing, 6b in trad climbing and many simple classic and also difficult climbs in the Alps and Pyrenees.

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